American Express Platinum Card Members

This benefit is available to Platinum Card Members. Card Members receive complimentary access to any US location of the Escape Lounges. Card Member must present his or her valid Card, a boarding pass showing a confirmed reservation for same-day travel on any carrier and government-issued I.D. In some cases, Card Member must be 21 years of age to enter without a parent or guardian.

Card Members may bring up to two (2) companions into Escape Lounges as complimentary guests. Card Member must adhere to all house rules of participating lounges. Card Members and his or her guests will receive all of the complimentary benefits and amenities afforded to the Escape Lounge customers, as well as access to purchase non-complimentary items.

Some product features may be subject to additional charges. Escape Lounge locations are subject to change .

Opening Times

Our opening times are planned around typical flight times. We open bright and early with lounge time varying by location. Please check the individual lounge pages for details.


Please Note: All U.S. prices are exclusive of Sales Tax. If applicable, Sales Tax will be added to your final price at checkout.